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Kurjata reassumes LVCU chair role, Mangalji elected vice-chair

Board re-elected at LVCU

LVCU Kurjata reassumes Board Chair role, Mangalji moves into the Vice-Chair position One year appointments were made recently at the LVCU board level.

Board Chair, John Kurjata and Shamir Mangalji were elected to Vice Chair for one year.

Kurjata, a Chartered Professional Accountant who joined the board in 2016, will be serving his fourth one-year term as Chair. Mangalji, who is part of the Executive Leadership Team at the Dawson Co-operative Union, is in his second year of service on Lake View’s Board of Directors and will also serve as the Chair of the Governance, Community and Policy Committee.

“This has been a challenging year, but we’ve stayed profitable and provided aid to our members to help weather these trying times, despite some significant headwinds caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. As we emerge from these difficulties, we have every intention of doing our part to help our region and businesses build back stronger than ever before," said Kurjata.

 On the election of Shamir Mangalji to the role of Vice-Chair, Kurjata continued, “Shamir has been a tremendous addition to our Board and it’s heartening to see our younger members stepping up and filling leadership roles in our organization and throughout the community.”

The election by Lake View Credit Union’s Board of Directors followed the successful completion of LVCU’s second virtual Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021. The Annual Report and Financial Statements presented at the meeting detail LVCU’s continued resilience and responsiveness in the face of Covid-19, in addition to its significant investment in technology over the past several years which include updates to it website, apps, online banking, and digital business toolkit.

Other board announcements following the AGM include the re-election of Director, Carmen Barber and the election of returning director, Myles Mowat, each to three-year terms. Both candidates were elected through acclimation after thorough vetting by the nominating committee.