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KUCHARUK: constant change

This new normal. Do you ever wonder why it seems like the simplest task comes with the need to sit down and rest?
Do you fear change?
Do you fear change?

“What have you learned over the past couple of years Judy?”

“Well, I have definitely become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. A friend shared that phrase with me one day in response to the same question and it really resonated with me. I no longer think of things in linear fashion – I am getting better at zigzagging through my day, my week, and my year. If you cut me in half like a tree and examined my rings, you would be shocked at my path of growth. So many starts and stops”

“That sounds exhausting”

“It is. It really is”

This new normal. Do you ever wonder why it seems like the simplest task comes with the need to sit down and rest? It is because our muscle memory no longer is applicable to our circumstances. The factor known as ‘predictability’ has been thrown out the window. Our first reaction is no longer the most appropriate reaction. Nothing works the same as it used to work.

We cannot rely on ‘normal.’ Even our seasons are no longer predictable. Winter – crapshoot, spring – who knows, Summer – heat dome, Fall – floods. Quite the conundrum wrapped up in a nice pandemic bow! Just a week or so before the floods down in the lower mainland, I had read about Egypt (not normally known for its rainfall) experiencing elevated levels of precipitation.

This deluge and subsequent flash flooding swept scorpions from their desert sandcastles into human homes. Scorpions are nasty creatures with poisonous venom, and they reacted to their abrupt relocation by stinging quite a number of people. Who would have thought? This is where that meme of someone walking away from their home as it ignites into flames comes to mind. How do you sleep at night knowing that a scorpion might walk across your chest and sting you? It makes you wonder when the locusts will arrive.

I was chatting with my mom the other day about how difficult it has been to navigate life with the memory of the ‘good old days’ fresh in our minds. We keep wishing and wanting to return to the predictability of life and events but realizing that the normal has changed. Honestly, our personal survival is dependent on being able to pivot to this new reality.

I thought about the grandkids and how they will not know what life was like, ‘before’ and that the constant upheaval is their new state of being. Will it change their brain chemistry? Will they evolve to accommodate this constant state of change?

I have found myself going on philosophical tangents – struggling to make sense of the world.