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Kindness Meters generate $3,600 for two Mile Zero non profits

Change adds up to cash.

The Ark and South Peace Child Development Center picked up $1,800 each from 2022 Kindness Meter campaigns.

Kindness Meters are made out of refurbished parking meters and are located in four different locations around Dawson Creek: the Kenn Borek Aquatic Centre, the Calvin Kruk Centre, Memorial Arena, and outside of the Mile 0 Intersection and flags downtown. Each year a pair of non profits are chosen to be recipients of the funds, with TC Energy matching the monies each year.

John van Spronsen, Founder & Board Director, The Ark, and Kim Hughes, Executive Director at the South Peace Child Development Center were on hand to pick up the $1,800.40 each.

Mayor Darcy Dober spoke about both organizations.

"The Ark has been around since I was little. It is a great place to go and a positive atmosphere,” he said.

“The SPCDC is always so pleasant to visits and everyone wants to be there.”

Heather Desarmia, Public Affairs Advisor with TC Energy said while safety is their number one priority, but community is a close second.

“We are about safety and energy infrastructure, but also making a difference in the community where we live work and play,” she said.