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Near 100-year-old Hart Hotel getting a dose of CPR

Work is being done to resuscitate the historic Hart Hotel in Pouce Coupe.

After a bit of a cardiac arrest for a few years – work is being done to resuscitate the historic, almost 100-year-old Hart Hotel.

The building has been bequeathed to Aleaha Newhook and she hope next year will see the hotel back in some form or fashion.

“I was thinking a First Nations gift shop or crafts on the first-floor front, re-open the bar and see what else can be done," she says of the Pouce Coupe landmark.

“I used to live here about 11 years ago when I mid-teens,” says Newhook, unrelated to previous occupant/owner Andrew Chopp.

Newhook is looking to get some of the classic interior features of the Hart – some carvings and pool tables back up to snuff.

“We’ve got a few neighbours helping us out right now.”

Step by step, day by day.

“The idea to hopefully have it in shape for next year.”

“We don’t need a ton of people right now,” says future general manager Sierra Hannas.