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From infinity and beyond - story time from space next week

Live reading from International Space Station goes next week!
Space. A literary frontier.

Next week, Mile Zero youth can catch a story directly from space. True story - from infinity and beyond.

The International Space Station high above earth will be presenting its first Story Time from Space LIVE with astronaut Shannon Walker.

Walker, who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics, a Master of Science and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Space Physics from Rice University, read the story Willow of the Water Bear from the space station.

Others who will be chatting live on Jan. 26 from 11 am Central (Houston time) to 12:30pm Central include author Houston Kidd, astrophysicist Dr. Jeffery Bennett, as well as astronnauts Dr. Bjarni Tryggvason, and Dr. Alvin Drew. 11 am Central is 10 am Dawson Creek time.

Michele Mobley, Literacy Outreach Coordinator with the DC Literacy Society says the chance is one that should not be missed.

"What a great opportunity to hear a live story from the International Space Station," she said.

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