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Experts predict Tentfire Creek fire - now at 2,400 hectares - will not expand further

Crews will remain on scene.
Forest Fire
Forest fire.

Fire experts believe the Tentfire Creek fire, now estimated to be 2,400 hectares in size and is currently classified as being held, is not likely to spread beyond the existing or predetermined boundaries under the prevailing and forecasted conditions.

“The fire is still approximately 18 kilometres away from the town site of Tumbler Ridge and while there is a small increase in size, there has actually been little actual growth on the fire in the last few days,” said District of Tumbler Ridge officials today.

The reported increase is simply reflective of the actual growth that was previously reported earlier last week of the fire. Rainfall in the area of Tumbler Ridge over the last few days has still been favourable with more forecasted in the coming days.

This precipitation in combination with the higher relative humidity values, and the cooler temperatures that we have received has allowed firefighters to attack the flanks of the fire with a high degree of success. The anticipated growth of the fire is stexpected to be minimal over the next few days.

Crews will remain on scene with firefighters and heavy equipment in the coming days to attack the sections of the fire that are accessible and to maintain guards; much of the fire is in mountainous terrain.

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The fire near Hook Creek is still being monitored by BC Wildfire Service and BC Parks representatives.

The District is aware that the fire has moved closer to Kinuseo Falls and is now visible by boat. The BC Wildfire Services has advised that there is no plans to prohibit access to the area by boat at this time, however, those travelling into the park by river are urged to use caution and to be alert to the current fire conditions in the area.

Road access to Monkman Provincial Park remains closed at park boundary, and signage has been put up warning the travelling public of the closure.

“While we have seen some favorable weather and precipitation in the last few days, and it is predicted to continue, we would like remind visitors and residents to the area that campfires including Category 2 and Category 3 open fires are still prohibited throughout the province of British Columbia, including the District of Tumbler Ridge,” note officials.