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Dual credit for new early childhood education students

Students will be placed in a licensed child care centre by Northern Lights College for 20 hours per week.

School District 59 and Northern Lights College have announced more details related to a new pilot project - the Dual Credit opportunity in Early Childhood Education (ECE) for students in the region.

The ECE Dual Credit Program will be delivered in an Integrated Learning model. Students will be placed in a licensed child care centre by Northern Lights College for 20 hours per week, where they will learn alongside a qualified mentor who will also support them in their other learning activities.

Assessments will cross courses, reducing the number of assignments that students will complete. Practical experiences will cross several course learning outcomes, creating opportunities for students to engage in planning, research, and reflection for multiple courses.

Students will meet once per week for an evening community of practice with instructors (may include work site mentors) as well as meet in smaller cohorts with one of the three instructors.

All meeting times and type (Team video, F2F, etc.) are co-constructed with the students, agency mentor, and instructors to ensure students are able to attend the mandatory weekly sessions.

As part of the ECEC dual credit partnership initiative, a special offering of HDEC 102 will be available in February 2022. The offering will include evening synchronous webinars along with online asynchronous delivery.

Successful completion of this course will allow dual credit students to apply to the BC ECE Registry for the ECE Assistant Certificate and potentially find employment in a licensed early childhood care centre.

A person under 19 years of age can only be employed at a licensed child care facility if they have the ECE Assistant Certificate from the BC ECE Registry.

As students in a Dual Credit Program, students will receive ECE program credits as well as school credits toward graduation. Tuition fees will be covered by the student’s home-school. For more information, contact your school Career/Dual Credit Coordinator.