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DC RCMP has Zoom lunch with South Peace school students

Lunch fun with the RCMP.

S/Sgt Werrell introduced online ZOOM lunches to School District 59 in the South Peace as a way to get police officers into the classroom while working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since starting the program a few weeks ago, Werrell's lunches have been booked solid, with many schools and classrooms expressing interest in breaking bread and having a conversation.

"The pandemic has required us to use out-of-the-box thinking to generate positive policing relations with our youth, without the ability to physically attend schools" says S/Sgt Werrell.

"The online lunches provide an opportunity to interact with the students in an environment which is less formal and creates the ability to generate non-traditional conversations, break down barriers, and throw ideas back and forth".

As example, S/Sgt Werrell informed that he has learned (from the Grade 3/4 class) that spider web is; in fact, 100 times stronger than Kevlar, and should seriously be considered as being used as a manufacturing material in police vests.

Another idea; which was brought up by the same school class, was to use racoons for diffusing bombs rather than dogs, because raccoons have fine motor skills and cannot only locate the bomb with their noses but also diffuse it when found; making them a much better choice than police dogs.