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DC Exhibition and Stampede day one photos: Better at Home's night out at the chuckwagons

The 2021 Exhibition is on.

The past, present, and future of rodeo was front and centre Wednesday at the DC Exhibition grounds.

The ARC Resources-Better at Home annual Wagon Night Tour trip to the chuck races and meal went off without a hitch Wednesday night, and the Mirror hopped on for the trip. After a quick assembly and two bus procession to the GDI for dinner, the crew was moving onto the exhibition for two rounds of chucks action, the all pro chuckwagons, and then the World Professional Chuckwagon races.

Participants on the tour also got a look at the future of rodeo with the kids wild horse race, and kids wild calf scramble.  Arc Resources and Better at Home have been providing bus rides and hosting the evening for six years now.

The Dawson Creek Exhibition and Stampede continues for four more days!