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DC Charity Society sees single largest donation in their 10 year history

Food for those in need.

DC Charity Society President Sandra Biddulph says it is the single largest donation in the decade history of the Mile Zero non-profit.

“It’s the biggest food donation we’ve ever received.”

Biddulph, other board members and volunteers with DC Charity recently spent a pair of days intaking and cataloging a massive donation filling their storage facility and then some.

“Triple J, Swamp Donkey, Northern Metallic, Bluesky Distributors and Mountainview Safety, owners and their staff in some cases, were chipping in as well,” says Biddulph.

“For the meat we had two freezers I was hoping it will get through to the December holiday time,” she adds estimating the total of food was estimated at more than $5,000.

The endeavour was a project of Heather Lowery with Triple J.

“It turned out better than I could have ever expected,” she said. Lowery issued the challenge to a handful of community businesses, including suppliers.

What prompted me to start this, was an article I’d seen online about foodbank shortages, and with the ever rising costs at this time, I thought we that are able to help out, should help out,” she added.

Fund and or food raising is something that isn’t thought of as much during the warm summer holidays compared to Christmas,” say Lowery

“My little dream of having a food drive turned into a huge success. Doing it over the summer months made sense, as at Christmas time, even though people do donate, it just seems to be a season when there are many more expenses on the table.”

No concrete plans yet, but my mind is always going trying to think of the next thing to do to help out in the community. I think that near Christmas time you will see us do something similar, and or assist with Christmas gift hampers,” says Lowery.

Biddulph notes the ten year anniversary of DC Charity Society is in early August.