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Dawson Creek woman admitted to Grande Prairie Hospital after DC ER sends her home

After local ER took a cursory look and said nothing could be done; second Dawson Creek doctor sent request to obtain an emergency second opinion in Grande Prairie. She was immediately admitted to Grande Prairie Hospital to receive treatment for six days.

 A Dawson Creek woman walked into the DC emergency room with her grandfather on the evening of October 11, morning of Oct. 12 with a serious infection and the attending ER doctor on staff refused to admit her.

“He did the most basic treatment he could,” says her father Aaron Linklater, who in the midst of dealing with vague and unsigned letters from Northern Health that say he may or may not be banned from the DC Hospital.

 “The head physician of the DC ER refused any treatment but oral Benadryl. Everyone can do this at home. She was not admitted, and we were refused IV antibiotics,” says Linklater about the lack of care shown for his daughter Karmen.

 Documents sent to the Dawson Creek Mirror reveal when the DC ER refused to look at Linklater, a second Dawson Creek doctor quickly sent a request for the Linklaters to obtain an emergency second opinion in Grande Prairie.

The younger Linklater was immediately admitted in Grande Prairie.

 “She did and does require IV antibiotics and admission to recover from this significant infection,” noted a Grande Prairie doctor when documenting Karmen’s condition.

 “Her skin was so infected and she needed a high level of care,” says her father.

 “It was a serious untreated infection of her skin because the Dawson Creek ER would not treat her by IV. She was admitted because oral medication was not working when she clearly needed IV. She was kept in the hospital overnight for six days. It was a very serious situation and the Dawson Creek ER does not care.”

 Earlier this year, Aaron Linklater told the Mirror he received an unsigned and vague letter from Northern Health noting he may, or possibly could be, banned from the hospital for abusive behaviour. The date, Linklater says no discussion or follow-up has occurred.

 “We have not been contacted nor are we involved in any way. We hear rumours of when meetings are about us, but that is about it,” he says.  

One Northern Health official expects a meeting in early December.

“We haven’t heard anything,” says Linklater.