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Dawson Creek Community Awards: inclusive workplace of the year nominees

Nominations are in!
City of Dawson Creek

A trio of business are up for the inclusive workplace of the year award as part of the City of Dawson Creek Community awards - read all about them below!

Faking Sanity
The owners have created an inclusive environment that makes staff and community members feel safe, recognized and connected. They are always willing to join community events that promote inclusivity. They have displays that address current events and highlight issues about marginalized peoples. They are passionate about promoting rights and a place for anyone to just be.

Hyper Toys
Hyper Toys has been an inclusive employer of the same individual since 2010! Their team member, JH, works 2 shifts each week in their store. They support him to complete his tasks, and to learn new ones. He is a part of their team, included in staff luncheons and meetings, team building, holiday celebrations and more. JH absolutely loves working there, meeting new people as customers come into the store, and shopping there for cool merchandise, especially since he gets the employee discount!
Dawson Creek would benefit from more businesses like Hyper Toys!

Co-op Grocery Store
Co-op provides every employees with opportunity to pursue and achieve their goals. They have many practical ways to be thoughtful about their employees; ensuring all eligible employees are considered for promotions, planning work events, or being more considerate about scheduling. Co-op provides adequate training for their employees.

This year's Citizen of the Year Award goes to Dr Magda Du Plessis, while Rosalynne Mullin has been named Entrepreneur of the Year.

Winners of this year's Community Awards will be announced at the December 6, Regular Meeting of Council

Vote here, and learn more about the awards.