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Dawson Construction picks up provincial paving recognition

Highway 97 Campbell Road to 100 Mile House picks up recognition
DC Construction
Resurfacing of Highway 97 Campbell Road to 100 Mile House.

Dawson Construction has picked up a provincial paving award - as well as an award of excellence for their work on Hwy. 97.

The 2021 B.C. Transportation Contractor of the Year Awards of Excellence, which recognize the contractors behind some of the province's most important transportation and infrastructure projects, took place on Dec. 3, 2021.

Since no awards were given out last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, awards were given out at this year's ceremony for both 2020 and 2021 in the following categories: workplace health and safety, bridges and structures, grading, paving, community service, and road and bridge maintenance.

"As the past few weeks have shown, British Columbians can always count on the province's heavy construction industry to step up when they're most needed," said Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Dawson Construction's awarded project was: resurfacing of Highway 97 Campbell Road to 100 Mile house and Begg Road to Enterprise Road.

Amount: $6.6 million In 2021, Dawson Construction paved Highway 97 from Wright Station to Enterprise Road. This section had areas of failure and an ineffective drainage system with hazardous areas of standing water. Dawson completed the 100 Mile segment of the project by the milestone date of Sept.30, 2020, which included full depth milling to the original gravel structure, placing a lift of asphalt base course for strength, topped with a polymer blend to resist ruts in the downtown core. Most of the work was completed at night to minimize disruption to the travelling public.

Dawson Construction completed this fast-tracked project in a short time frame, creating a durable roadway with 100% smoothness and end-product specification criteria. After completion of the project, Dawson Construction donated and installed a portion of asphalt millings left over from the paving process to the local ski group to be used to pave the four-kilometre road to the ski hill.

Dawson Construction worked with Project Manager John Hoare and Ministry Representative Al Scharien to ensure the project was completed on budget and on time.

"Though these are annual awards, it's especially important this year for us to acknowledge these contractors who tirelessly maintain our province's highways and roads. The expertise and resilience of the winners and nominees is greatly appreciated," added Fleming.