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Community steps up – more than $20K raised on Saturday night

Huge support.

A benefit dinner, silent auction, kids hot dog fundraiser, and more have grossed more than 20K for local bear attack victims.

While $3,400 was raised by the Kids Club of Dawson Creek prior to the Saturday night event at the GDI, organizer Ed Mah as there were plenty of special thanks to go around related to the event.

Ticket sales brought in $7,500, with another $10K in cash donations – while final silent auction action totals are still being tallied.

“My thanks to all the people in Dawson Creek and the Peace Country area for everything that made this event a huge success,” said Mah.

In addition, online fundraisers were organized for the pair - One fundraiser for Analyn Bartolome and family has more than $17K, while a second for Leosette Canoy organized by Wennali Canoy has just over $16K.

Check them out Click here. or Click here.

Analyn’s family, including husband Dean was on hand Saturday night. His voice shaked thanking the overwhelming support.

“I am blown away,” he said, amidst thanking community members for financial support, and those first responders who were on scene for the attack and rescue.

“This is a community that takes care of others and steps up when it’s needed.”

Editor's note: organizers note Monday afternoon - the final tally for fundraising is far from totalled. Stay tune for a more robust and total number in a future story.