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City removes portion of meeting presentation video

Presentation video clipped by an hour.
City cut video to original agenda topics.

A large chunk from a recent City of Dawson Creek city council meeting has been removed - as it has been noted globally to be promoting false vaccination information.

A rally was organized by some concerned city business owners after the City of Dawson Creek set an agenda on September 2 - saw half a dozen anti vaccination presentations at city hall. Those presentations, that were not part of the original agenda, have been removed from the video feed.

The video, that was almost one hour and forty minutes, now sits at 32:17 minutes.

One presentation in particular, one from a molecular biologist, received much attention online, and around the world over the last month.

Before the meeting,  a pair of individuals being escorted out of city hall by RCMP for refusing to wear masks.

Mayor Bumstead attended after the presentations and noted to the assembled crowd he was pro-choice when it came to vaccination.

The city notes they will vet presentations and presenters material first - in the future.

One YouTube channel 21,000 subscribers loaded it to their channel, where it has racked up more than 200,000 views. The video has also been posted to Twitter, TikTok and Facebook.

Check the clipped video here.