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Chetwynd rec centre grounds considered for new library location

Recreation Centre Grounds potential new location of Chetwynd Library.

PRRD directors will move ahead in using a portion of the Chetwynd and District Recreation Centre Grounds as the location to build a new library. 

Directors approved the recommendation to locate the library north of the local skate park in Chetwynd at their Sept. 9 board meeting

The projected budget for the new library sits at $5 million, with $3.5 million already secured.

Additional funding will be a combination of grants and borrowing, according to the PRRD documents

The location itself is being considered because of:

  • Good visibility from the recreation centre to the skate park.
  • Crime prevention through environmental design practices.
  • Reduced traffic noise.
  • Less restrictions for the design due to location.
  • Traffic flow around the building remains unaltered, ensuring no pinch points for pedestrian and driver safety.
  • The new facility will not impact existing parking.
  • Potential patron conflict and noise issues are reduced by the distance to the recreation centre and skate park.

The new library was approved for construction back in February by directors, and will be a joint effort between Electoral Area E and Chetwynd. 

"We’re certainly willing to accommodate as many communities as we can, with our services. I’m sure we could make agreements with everybody on how to do that,” said Director Dan Rose when construction was approved. 

Two site plans developed

The project architect developed two site plans and elevation renderings for consideration.

The proposed locations are preliminary and approximate, and may be modified slightly upon further geotechnical study or review of utility information. The preferred location is adjacent to the new splash park under development on the grounds.

Option 1: Between the Rec Centre and the Skate Park The first site for the library was proposed between the Rec Centre and the Skate Park in the existing parking lot area. This site would allow for better visibility from the road, and would be ‘in line’ with the front of the Rec Centre. The layout of the library in this location is restricted by the surrounding facilities and causes traffic congestion when turning off of the highway.

Option 2: North of the Skate Park The second site examined is north of the skate park. There is more room for the building at this site, which allows flexibility on building shape and does not affect the availability of parking for the Centre. This location also does not impact the clear line o

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