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Candidates make an exit from Wexit?

Wexit party is not endorsing a pair of candidates.

The Wexit BC Executive Board has removed support from its two candidates running in the provincial election.

"The board has made a majority decision regarding the fielding of candidates for the upcoming snap election. At this time, the executive does not feel that running candidates is advantageous for the party, so the executive board is removing what the executive feels were premature and uniformed endorsements made for the two current candidates, Arlyn Greig, of the BDS riding, and Dorothy Smith, of the PCS riding," they say in a statement.

"Several factors went into making this difficult and complex decision and the executive felt that a multitude of key elements were not taken into consideration prior to the election announcement and shortly thereafter. The executive board continues to ensure the goals and direction are adhered to on behalf of the Wexit BC party and its members and non-members. We feel that as a party, we need to ensure we have a solid infrastructure and a team that can navigate the complex aspects of a still growing and developing party. The executive team feels we are just too new as a party to make a solid impact with the current infrastructure and that infrastructure still requires extensive growth and assistance prior to fielding vetted and secure candidates.