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B&T takes it to the next generation

35-plus year business to continue.
B&T: Next Generation.

B&T is keeping business in the family.

After 37 years of serving Dawson Creek, Brenda and Terry Sewell have sold their business to their daughter ,Corey.  The store has made many changes over the years going from B&T Whiteware (1985), to B&T Ceramics & Crafts (1992), to B&T Gifts (1999).  The store is now officially named B&T Dawson Creek.

Corey Sewell has been working in the store full time for nearly two years now, and doesn’t plan on making any major changes. 

"In the past two years we have implemented a loyalty points system, added a youth clothing section, an art activity section and nearly doubled our ladies clothing section.  I'm excited to grow and make small changes to the store and the products we carry," Corey says.

The heart of B&T has always been the Christmas season and, with that being her and her son Nathan's favorite time of year, the tradition of going over the top at Christmas will continue.  The store boasts over 25 decorated Christmas trees  for a complete store transformation.

You will likely still see Brenda and Terry around the store helping out from time to time. 

"We would like to thank the residents of Dawson Creek and surrounding area for their continued support over the years, and hope that they embrace our next generation.  Our customers have stuck by us in good times and bad and we treasure the friendships we have made - so many of them feel like family."