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British Columbians can run in multiple elections at same time, says Ministry of Municipal Affairs

Candidates can run throughout province at same time - just not in same electoral jurisdiction.

In British Columbia - municipal candidates can run in almost every and any election they would like this fall.

If you are a thinking of running for an elected municipal position this fall – not only do you not have to live in the area you want to be elected in -  you can run in as many elections in British Columbia as you would like. True story, confirm Ministry of Municipal Affairs officials to the Dawson Creek Mirror.

Candidates have less than a week to officially file throughout the province – with September 9 at 4pm being the deadline to officially declare with local and provincial governments.

Municipal Affairs officials note candidates can run in any election they would like –they cannot seek two offices or positions in the same ballot or same electoral jurisdiction however.

“A candidate can run and hold office in more than one jurisdiction, but cannot run for more than one office in the same jurisdiction (e.g. councillor and mayor). A candidate can also run and be elected to office in a jurisdiction where they do not live or own property,” say Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

A candidate could put their name in to run for PRRD director. And a councillor in Dawson Creek. And Chetwynd. And Tumbler Ridge. And Victoria. Why not see where the chips fall?

“While candidates may run in more than one election in different jurisdictions, they must be able to fully execute their duties should they be elected to more than one office.”

Ministry officials add existing Legislation only prevents an individual from being nominated or holding elected office to more than one position at the same time within the same local government. 

“For example, one may not run for mayor as well as councillor in the same jurisdiction. Running for councillor and school board trustee at the same time would also be allowed as school board trustee positions are not considered the same local government.”

They add individuals will have to have separate campaign accounts and file separate disclosure statements for each campaign.

“It is up to electors to decide whether or not the candidate would be able to represent them while simultaneously holding two (or more) elected offices.”

This Friday Sept. 9 at 4pm is the deadline across the province for candidates to declare their intentions for the mid October election.

Don’t forget to check out the Dawson Creek Mirror’s mayoral debate on Sept 29 at the DC Co-op Mercer Hall in the Ovintiv Events Centre, and our council debate on Oct. 4 same location. Doors at 6:30pm – 7pm for program.