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Breath of fresh air – a conversation with singer songwriter Teigen Gayse

Right now it’s all about ‘Hey Christmas.’

When I connect with Teigen Gayse she is looking towards Nashville in the new year.

The Chetwynd born Kelowna resident is prepping almost a month long stay in the USA country mecca come January. The Metis singer-songwriter has a pair of new songs kicking around ‘Hey Christmas’ and a video for her summer fun tune “Blame the Wine’.

Growing up in Little Prairie, she hopes her music will help make the town of 3,000 known for more than forestry, oil, gas, mining, and ranching. Gayse knows the area has influenced her love for performance. Right now it’s all about ‘Hey Christmas.’

“We had that one ready to go last year and decided to hold off – now it is out there getting some tracking it is for the better,” she says.

"’Blame the Wine’ is a song from August of this year with a video out last month. That one came together really fast and I like it. The video now brings it back a bit as well.”

With the pandemic last year Gayse said she took the opportunity to connect more with fans online.

“I really jumped into social media. With everything going on the world there is no other way right now,” she says noting she was in Texas working on an album when the world turned south last year.

She says 2022 is all about working towards a full length studio recording, writing as much as possible. “Working on building up a team, songs, work up songs and record some.

Gayse adds she prefers to write her own stuff but is keeping an ear out.

“If someone comes along with something that is a banger you never know.”