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Beer Baroness brings business of brew to B2B

September 20 is next week!
Dragon. Mother. Entrepreneur. Beer Baroness.
Dragon. Mother. Entrepreneur. Beer Baroness.

Managing Editor Rob sat down for a chinwag with Manjit Minhas, co-founder of Minhas Breweries & Distillery, and Dragon's Den panelist. Minhas is the keynote speaker at this year's Community Future Peace Liard Business to Business Expo September 20.

What are people going to be hearing from you at the B2B later this month?

I will be bringing stories of life experience, life and business lessons I have learned, and cornerstone examples about being an entrepreneur. Not just successes, but challenges along the way during my career path.

Dragon’s Den. How did they come calling? 

It was not super exciting, I got a phone call from producers saying I was on their radar, and I asking if I’d be interested in doing a screen test. I know the other Dragons, Canada has a relatively small business community, so on a Thursday I got the call and by that Monday I was in Toronto in front of a camera for tests. 

The panel work does take me away from family and business, but it has been worth it. I’ve done more than 50 deals and these have been fantastic investments with some great people and entrepreneurs, so many new businesses; from fashion to fire extinguishers.

Has it opened up other business doors or opportunities?

It has absolutely put my focus back on Canada and we are seeing more growth right now in this market.

In 20 years you have created the ninth largest brewery in the world. How? 

It has been a journey of ups and downs. Success and failure, but with my brother and I being in control of our own destiny as a private company at the end of the day, we have taken calculated risks. 

We have our brands everyone knows but they are also behind many private labels around the planet and have been able to build a reputation in a small amount of time. It has been incredible to see the platform and players develop over the years.

So what is your favorite of the Minhas products?

That is liking picking favorite children, but for me it really changes every week. Loving the Boxer Orange and Root Beer right now, the white Grolsch is a winner and right now it has been a bit of a summer of gin on the spirits side of things. The Blarney’s Irish Crème I also find a winner as well.

We’ll hear more from you and about your business adventures on Sept 20.

It has been a breathtaking journey of ups, downs, everything in in-between. The successes are just that, but the mistakes are where, and how we truly learn.