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Avian Flu reaches PRRD through small flock of poultry

No real details from federal or provincial agencies on location or size of outbreak.
backyard chickens in delta, bc
After several Avian Flu outbreaks in the south, the Peace Region has recorded its first case in 2022. Its exact location, though, isn't known.

The first case of a recent and growing outbreak of Avian Flu has been recorded in the PRRD.

The declaration was made public Thursday by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and BC's Ministry of Agriculture.

While specific details haven't been given, like exact location or numbers, the two agencies are saying it involves poultry somewhere within the Peace River Regional District.

“On Wednesday, June 1, 2022 a small flock premises in the Peace River Regional District was confirmed positive for Notifiable Avian Influenza,” stated a post appearing on a number of social media sites, including the District of Taylor. “The CFIA is taking actions to place the premises under quarantine. The CFIA and Ministry of Agriculture continue to implement additional response measures to to address the situation.”

With backyard chicken pens allowed in communities like Taylor, some are wondering why more information hasn't been released.

“Does anyone know where the infection was detected? Are all birds in Taylor under the PCZ?,” was one of the postings that appeared Thursday afternoon on one Facebook page.

PCZ stands for Primary Control Zone.

According to the Disease Notification joint statement, bird owners are legally responsible to notify authorities of serious bird diseases, such as Avian Influenza, also known as AI or H5N1.

Signs of the virus include:

  • high mortality and sudden death

  • decreased food consumption

  • huddling, depression, or closed eyes

  • respiratory signs (coughing or sneezing)

  • decreased egg production

  • watery greenish diarrhea

  • excessive thirst

  • swollen wattles and combs

Owners that suspect any of the symptoms in their flock should immediately contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency through the CFIA website.

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