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Amanda Morgan is Dawson Creek's 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year

It's party time.
Amanda Morgan takes a well-earned break in between setups for clients.

The party's on, thanks to innovative Mile Zero entrepreneur of the year Amanda Morgan. She won the accolade for her home-based business, AMerge Party Shop, which offers unique balloon arches, catered party supplies, rentals, and more. 

Morgan says she's thrilled to receive the award and expects to be busy through the holiday season and into the new year, and started the business over six years ago with the help of her husband. The pair moved to Dawson Creek from Kelowna nearly a decade ago, and continue to call it home. 

"When I first started I was more on the paper side of it - invitations, paper decor, graphic design, and that kind of thing. But three years ago I started doing parties for the local dance studio," she said. 

A growing demand in Dawson Creek for party and decor expertise soon emerged, says Morgan, who took online balloon courses, adding to her skills. Balloon arches have been a huge hit, she added, becoming front and centre of the business' offerings. 

"When COVID started, people wanted to spend a lot more money on decor because there wasn't as many people there. So the balloons have taken over I would say roughly 70 percent of what we do now, and they're more visible," said Morgan. 

Three different installations were recently completed at the local mall, with more to go before the holidays fully arrive. 

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