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40% absenteeism amongst staff forces weeklong closure of DCSS

Central campus closed next week.

Dawson Creek Secondary School-Central Campus is currently experiencing staff absenteeism with 40% of staff away due to illness.

S59 officials have announced that the school will be placed into a Functional Closure on Monday, February 7 through until Friday February 11.

"Parents are advised remote learning will occur for the next five days school days. A re-assessment of staff illness levels will occur on February 11, and we anticipate return to face-to-face learning on Monday, February 14," said SD59 officials in a release. 

School staff/teachers will be reaching out to students and families on Monday, February 7 to initiate their Continuity of Learning Plans.

A functional closure of a school is considered a temporary closure determined by a school district due to a lack of staff to provide the required level of teaching, supervision, support, and/or custodial to ensure the health and safety of students.

This is due to a high number of staff away due to illness who are required for a school to function, and the inability to temporarily replace them.