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+18 can register for vaccine in Dawson Creek

Vaccines for all +18. Register.

All 30 existing high-transmission neighbourhoods - including Dawson Creek - are to be lowered to 18+ eligibility today.

This aligns all high-transmission CHSAs at 18+.

"Invitations go out tonight, it will take a few days for these to all get out," say provincial officials today.

How to register

You can register yourself or someone else, like a parent or grandparent. Everyone 18 and older in B.C. is eligible to get vaccinated, even if you don’t have a Personal Health Number or other documentation.

We protect all information we collect and public health will never share your information with any other agencies or parts of government. We will never ask you for your SIN, driver's licence number or banking and credit card details. Fastest option: Register online with a Personal Health Number.

Registration options if you don't have a Personal Health Number

If you don't have a Personal Health Number, you need to register by phone or at a Service BC office. They will create a Personal Health Number for you. Register by phone Call: 1-833-838-2323 | Translators are available Seven days a week, 7 am to 7 pm (PDT) Telephone for the Deaf: Dial 711