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ZZ in DC April 4

The Dawson Creek Mirror was able to catch up with front man Billy Gibbons for an exclusive interview.
ZZ Top

Monday marks a return of the bearded ones to Dawson Creek.

The sharp dressed man himself, Billy Gibbons and the rest of the Texas-based blues rockers, ZZ Top will take to the stage at the Encana Events Centre for their second performance in the Mile Zero City.

The Dawson Creek Mirror caught up with Gibbons on the road for an exclusive interview.

"Our pals who are in the know are big on the surroundings of what they refer to as 'DC'," Gibbons wrote in an email to the Mirror. "Neat spot, we think."

After completing the Perfectamundo tour with his side project, The BFG's, which ended with a stop at the Havana Jazz Fest in December, Gibbons rejoined fellow ZZ Top members Frank Beard and Dusty Hill for a tour that kicked off March 18.

They've already touched down in Canada with dates in Kitchener and Orilla, Ontario and most recently, in Winnipeg, Lethbridge and Calgary.

"Tour's going great," he said. "The BFG's solo tour brought us three guys back in line to resume the roadshow coming your way."

Coming to Canada is always a good time, he says.

"It's all good. Our friends, fans and followers in Canada are, arguably, the most demonstrative we've ever encountered. Must be something in the water (or beer?)," Gibbons wrote.

The band has apparently done their research on Canada, over the many times they've toured here.

"We have now established the chart of Canadian destinations for Mexican cuisine," he wrote. "Since we're all part of the North American Free Trade Agreement, enchiladas, tacos and tamales remain on the menu," which gets a thumbs up from the bearded brethren.

But he says, there is too many good spots across the Great White North to choose a favourite.

"We seem to enjoy fantastic times at each stop," Gibbons said. "And, of course, there's just enough slight differences around that make every spot a bit special."

However, one of the things that remains the same almost everywhere they tour in North America is the resurgence of big beards, he said.

"It's the final frontier, whisker-wise," Gibbons wrote. "Every possibility seems to have been explored now, chin whiskers reappear as the au courant mode of tonsorial expression, it seems. We think the ZZ facial fashion pioneered the bearded return."

For ticket information on the ZZ Top Hell Raisers tour stop in Dawson Creek, along with opening acts Tim Montana and The Shrednecks, contact the Tiger Box Office Plus at 1-877-339-8499 or visit