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TEASER: Mirror chats with the man with the voice - Paul Carrack

Stay tuned for the conversation that covers his new work, and more.

This morning our managing editor reached out to another rockstar - and had a quick conversation with legendary Paul Carrack in London, England.

Carrack has quite simply one of the most prolific careers - and pure voices – in the history of popular music.

Carrack penned and sang the 1975 hit “How Long?” with the band Ace when he was in his mid 20s. Since then Carrack has had hit stints with the bands Squeeze, Mike + the Mechanics, Roxy Music, Nick Lowe, and more.

You know his voice – a staple of the 70s 80s and 90s from the tunes; ‘How Long?’, ‘Tempted’ with Squeeze, as well as ‘The Living Years’, ‘Silent Running’ and more with Mike + the Mechanics.

His resume is the single best ‘who’s who?’ of Rock and Roll out there.

He’s performed live with Roger Waters on Pink Floyd’s Wall live, written for the Eagles, toured with a Beatle, and had sessions with Elton John. He’s written songs for other legends as Linda Ronstadt, Diana Ross, Tom Jones, and Michael McDonald.

Carrack also has the distinction of playing on the best-selling single of all time, the double A-side ‘Something About the Way You Look Tonight’/’Candle in the Wind ’97’ which has sold more than 15 million copies in the UK and US alone, and accumulated sales of more than 33 million copies around the world.

Just last month he toured the southern United States with a fellow musician from the United Kingdom -  playing Hammond Organ in legendary guitarist Eric Clapton’s live band.

For the last 20 years on record Carrack has almost exclusively worked on his own catalogue and solo career. Now with the release of his 18th solo album One on One, he’s ready to spread the positive word on his new music, and get back with a ‘Good and Ready’ tour through Europe next year.

On Friday he spoke with the Dawson Creek Mirror – stay tuned for the conversation that covers his new work, keys to improvisation when writing, working with some iconic co-writers and colleagues, on family, the pandemic, and more.