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TEASER: Mirror chats with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member Steve Hackett

The genesis of a divorce album. Or two.
Hackett wide
Hackett on fire.

DC Mirror managing editor Rob had a 30 minute interview this morning with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Steve Hackett.

Hackett was the guitarist with the band Genesis for six studio albums and three live collections.

He has had a robust and diverse solo career since then - including individual projects with Yes guitarist Steve Howe and bassist Chris Squire, and influenced Eddie Van Halen's guitar tapping.

Hackett has written a pair of albums during the pandemic.

The second collection drops next month - Surrender of Silence - full of electric guitar, media, and world music and features touring members of Pink Floyd on the collection and more.

Here is a teaser from the full interview with Steve and Rob; check this short clip where they talk divorce albums - a guy named Phil - and the slide bottleneck guitar and dobro work of Eric Clapton.

Look for the FULL story online tomorrow.