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M3GAN: playing this week in the Creek

The film is a thriller, with little in the way of real violence.
New friends.

The opening commercial sets the tone – much like The 6th Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger a generation ago -  with a little Disturbia thrown in.  

The film is your thriller/scare, little in the way of real violence and away we go. M3GAN begins as a marketable toy and then a parenting replacement tool – which of course is the horror aspect of the story. Megan is a doll – but really a prototype robot. She is paired with creator’s orphaned niece Cady who has lost her parents.

Throw in a little Blade Runner where Megan would like to be more human, 2001 when she is eavesdropping on the scientists and you know the drama will come with someone or something separating Megan and Cady. The scary jumps start half way through; in this modern update of our pal Chucky with a bit more AI and I Robot plot thrown into the mix here.

The last 30 minutes is a romp with the doll/robot going full human mode in killing.  

Undoubtedly headed for sequel territory – although much like after the first Jurassic Park – you already know the idea within the film is dangerous – why try it again?

Playing this week in the Creek!