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Film director Albert Pyun headed to Hawaii

JOURNEYMAN: Hawaii International Film Festival giving lifetime Legacy award to Albert Pyun - director of Sword and the Sorceror, Cyborg, Nemesis, Captain America (1990), many more.

Albert Pyun - the director of Sword & the Sorcerer, Cyborg, Captain America, Nemesis, and legends Burt Reynolds, James Coburn, and Kris Kristofferson, Jean Claude Van Damme, Charlie Sheen, Courteney Cox, Ice T, Highlander's Christopher Lambert, Salinger, Blade Runner Rutger Hauer, Andrew Dice Clay, and more - - is headed to Hawaii this weekend to pick up the lifetime Legacy award from the Hawaii International Film Festival.

Screenings of his flicks Arcade, Captain America, Cyborg, and Nemesis go throughout – while Sword & the Sorcerer gets the full theatre screening with Pyun doing a Q&A.

How is this for a connection to the Dawson Creek area? Pyun is one of the very first to view the teaser trailer for Sukunka: the motion picture - a full length movie produced by the Village of Pouce Coupe - and his feedback is already incorporated. 

Pyun is quite simply a legend in film and filmmaking. Pitching at the same time against a film with guy named - Arnold - in a much larger vehicle (the fantastic John Milius Conan film, the director friend of Coppola/Lucas/Cimino - which leads to names like Eastwood, Spielberg. Ugh.

However - Pyun’s Sword & the Sorcerer is arguably the best sword and sandal film with the exception of the aforementioned Conan the Barbarian. Pyun was in on the ground floor.

Sword & the Sorcerer is not as simple as Deathstalker and not as hilariously self-referential as Deathstalker II – the film keeps it fantasy without dragons; or talking animals. Nor the sci-fi mix of Krull or Flash Gordon. Or to bring it down a notch - Conquest.

However, Albert’s 'Pyuniverse' is also firmly entrenched in the same sci-fi field as Blade Runner

Pyun worked with American Ninja Michael Dudikoff as well as Van Damme; also a Lois Lane and Bond girl - all before they all caught on - that says something.

He had early eyes and was in production on a Spider-Man film about 15 years before Sam Raimi and Tobey. He had a direct sequel to Masters of the Universe and He-Man going long before Hollywood and Kevin Smith started adding to it.

He made a Captain America flick 15 years before the Russo Brothers did with Kevin Feige. That’s cutting edge man.

As Quentin Tarantino was bringing back David Carradine with Kill Bill 1 + 2 – Pyun was also shooting with the Kung Fu actor. Pyun worked with Burt Reynolds a full 20 years before Tarantino cast him in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Speaking of filmic needle drops - Pyun ranks with Tarantino.

Pyun’s flicks Arcade (a VR film experience forefunner), Captain America, Cyborg, and Nemesis (along with Runaway and Trancers; the very best Blade Runner homage)  screen throughout the HIFF – while Sword & the Sorcerer gets the full theatre screening with Pyun doing a Q&A.

The Dawson Creek Mirror will also attempt to screen some of these Pyun films through the power of Internet links – and if enough interest is high – a few live set up/introductions and/or full movie commentaries.

Check out the Alberta Pyun classic film Nemesis at the link HERE

The Hawaiian International Film Festival - starts Thursday night Hawaii time and goes all month - HAWAII

Pyun's latest - Cyborg: Rise of the Flesh Eaters: expects to see a - teaser trailer screening -  at HIFF.

Sukunka:the motion picture: the #pyuniverse remix cut teaser trailer drops this month

The work of Albert Pyun - ALBERT