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Dawson Creek Mirror December music and more

A holiday mix of entertainment. DCM/TV.

Readers responded to last year's December music - so we're doing it again throughout the Christmas month this year!

You'll find a mix of local tunes and programming, holiday music and videos, perhaps a live presentation or debut, or some works from our rock & roll friends and collaborators.

Tune in right here each December evening.

December 24 - The Night Before Christmas

December 23 -  Christmas Under the Sea

December 22 - The Grinch by Keith Morrison.

December 21 - We didn't know these gentlemen had a holiday tune Winter Wonderland

December 20 - A Christmas pop selection - CLICK RIGHT HERE

December 19 - For your late night movie - try on Silent Night, Deadly Night

December 18 - Take in this Canadian holiday horror classic Black Christmas

December 17 - Catch up with Cousin Eddie in the very much forgotten Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure

December 16 - grab some corn - and check out this 1935 Christmas classic - A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

December 15 - Try this Snow Swing - Electro Swing Christmas Mix on!

December 14 - Catch up with Peace region musician Mason Young

December 13 - Check out the Kodiaks vs. Canucks live on Facebook!

December 12 - late night special - Steve Hackett's Surrender of Silence

December 12 - An afternoon cartoon. The He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special

December 11 - Sinatra at the Sands live. Hang with Frank

December 10 - Check out 'United with Grace' the combined project of the congregations of South Peace United Church and Grace Lutheran Church. 

It is also a fund raiser for “Food For Kids” in Dawson Creek. All monies donated will go to this worthy cause.  FULL CONCERT

December 9 - A Christmas classic from The Mechanical Botanicals - Angels We Have Heard on High

December 8 - Frosty the Snowman The Movie

December 7 - Celebrate the coming of Christmas with The King. Elvis Presley's Blue Christmas Album

December 6 - Paul Carrack's Winter Wonderland 11 tunes of holiday magic from a rock and pop legend!

If you'd like a break from holiday tunes - check out Carrack's latest solo album - One by One

December 5  - The Little Drummer Boy - Bing/Bowie

December 4 - The Brain Porter Live @ KPAC 

December 3 The Late Night B movie - The Star Wars Holiday Special

December 3 - Check out Parkland Elementary students who are Working for the Weekend!

December 2 - Try on some DECEMBER COFFEE JAZZ

December 1 - Check out Chetwynd's Teigen Gayse tune HEY CHRISTMAS.

If you'd some less holiday-time tunes - check out her video for BLAME THE WINE

Suggestions you'd like to see or hear - send them to St. Nick at: