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Who are they? Vancouver man finds album with family photos from 1920s to 1970s (PHOTOS)

Do you know the people in this photo album?

A photo album holding photos nearly 100 years old has been found in downtown Vancouver, and the person who found them is looking to get them home.

Nehemias Pérez works in the Downtown Eastside and found the album there on Saturday, Oct. 16; it was sitting in a large box with other things he believes were likely stolen, perhaps from a garage.

"My father just passed away, and I was just looking at our photos. Irreplaceable ones. There are no digital copies," he says. "So seeing this kinda hit me. I'd be devastated if I lost my dad's photos."

He notes that if things aren't sold there, they often get tossed in the garbage.

The photos are from a broad period of time. The earliest is dated to 1923, Pérez says, while the bulk are from the 1950s. The most recent are from the 1970s.

They show a variety of significant events in life, along with more everyday scenes. There are shots of people in front of Christmas trees, kids playing and at least one wedding. There's even a cute dog photo.

There are some clues in what's written on some. That dog is named Little Willie. There are multiple photos of a child named Lorraine Parker from a very young age, along with an Anne.

A note with a baby photo has a 'Thank You' to an Aunt Lizzie. It appears to be from a Christine June Bennett, along with Cheryl and Terry. 

Some captions are difficult to read, but the handwriting may be familiar as well.

Pérez posted the photos to Reddit, but hasn't had any response yet. He's hopeful his photos of the photos in the album will catch someone's eye.

"I'm hoping there is someone out there longing for these photos. That they mean something to someone," he says. "I hope someone reunites with them."

To connect with Perez contact him through Reddit or Imgur.