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Tumbler Ridge drafting plans for Geointerpretive Centre

'It’s going to be a great addition to the downtown core'
An earlier design for the centre.

Plans for Tumbler Ridge’s Geointerpretive Centre are well underway.

After being further drafted this spring, with additional architectural drawings being created, a finalized design is expected soon to the district council, says Geopark Executive Director Manda Maggs.

“The District of Tumbler Ridge will have to weigh in, and then it’s just a matter of getting all of permits in place, and then we’ll be breaking ground in May or June,” said Maggs, adding the Geointerpretive Centre is meant to complement their existing mobile exhibit trailer, which showcases the region's rich geological history, pointing out unique features and fossil sites in the region.

“We kind of went for a more rustic design, the architect had originally drawn up plans for something that more modern looking, with glass and metal. Very pretty, but we didn’t feel it matched the rest of the town,” Maggs said, noting the new wooden design is somewhat modelled after their log cabin visitor centre. However, the centre will not be built of logs.

“It will have that look and feel to it, more substantial, a wood based structure for sure."

The centre will be located directly across from the visitor centre, incorporating an existing train car which has long been an attraction for tourists. $600,000 has been provided for the project, utilizing funding from NDIT's Cultural Infrastructure Program.

Mayor Keith Bertrand says he’s looking forward to see the project break ground.

“It’s taken a couple of different forms over the years, but the current form is definitely in line with their fundraising initiatives so far,” said Bertrand.

“It’s going to be a great addition to the downtown core.”

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