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Pets reunited with Lytton wildfire survivors after being separated for months

Lytton residents, who had to find a new place to live after a devastating fire this summer, are now able to have their pets back.

After months of being separated, Lytton wildfire evacuees and their pets are being reunited. 

Lytton residents quickly had to find a place for their furry companions after a catastrophic fire devastated the small Fraser Canyon village this summer.

A Vancouver Island animal rescue agency opened their doors to the displaced animals, while their humans figured out their next step.

Penny Stone, executive director of the Victoria Humane Society, says her staff took in just under 100 pets from Lytton and had 30 animals staying with them long-term.

"We took care of them,” she tells Glacier Media. "We got a lot of them spayed and neutered for the people, so when they were finally able to get back home, it was done.”

The Lytton wildfire ripped through the town on June 30 and tragically killed two people. Only a few buildings remain standing.

“We boarded them free of charge for the people in Lytton,” says Stone.

Now, after months of being separated, the animals are back home with their owners. 

"They all left the building and it was really sad for us because we had some of them for months while people were trying to find somewhere to go and live,” she says. “We sent some of them back to Kamloops, some to Chilliwack because that’s where they live now.”

Stone says all of the Lytton animals under the society's care have been returned.