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B.C. teacher left in shock after act of kindness by shopper

The gesture left the Kelowna woman feeling emotional.
connie dack
Connie Dack says she's excited to return to the classroom this fall.

A Kelowna teacher was left in shock after a random act of kindness by another shopper.

Connie Dack, an elementary teacher at Belgo Elementary School, has already started preparing for the new kindergarten students she’ll be teaching in just a few short weeks.

Dack was busy grabbing school supplies with her sister on Friday (Aug. 13) when a woman stopped her and asked: “Are you a teacher?"

Dack was quick to respond with a yes, and as soon as she did, the woman who had struck up a conversation with her dropped everything and handed her a $20 bill, and said, “thank you for what you do." The small act of kindness left Dack feeling emotional.

“I said, 'thank you so much' and then she walked away and I began to cry,” recalls Dack.

She says she's never received money for school supplies from anyone, but she does often receive kind words and praises.

“It was quite a shock really. It was just nice to be acknowledged as a teacher because we spend so much money on our students.” 

Dack says she's excited about going back to school this fall and teaching new faces. She feels that what happened at the store while she was shopping is a sign of hope.

“It was a wonderful moment, and I believe kindness is still all around us."